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Safety Policy Statement

One of the most difficult tasks encountered while implementing your aviation SMS is to write relevant documentation that is pertinent to your operation. Since each operator is different, it is rare that one policy fits all. To help out, SMS Pro™ support staff has aggregated several sample policy statements for you to download or copy.

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Example Safety Policy Statement Template


Among our core values, we will include:

  • Safety, health and the environment
  • Ethical behavior
  • Valuing people
Safety policy statement should be seen regularly by all employees. Having it available on the web is the best place.

Fundamental Beliefs

Our fundamental safety beliefs are:

  • Safety is a core business and personal value Safety is a source of our competitive advantage
  • We will strengthen our business by making safety excellence an integral part of all flight and ground activities
  • We believe that all accidents and incidents are preventable
  • All levels of management are accountable for our safety performance, starting with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) / Managing Director


The five core elements of our safety approach include:

Top Management Commitment

  • Safety excellence will be a component of our mission
  • Senior leaders will hold line management and all employees accountable for safety performance
  • Senior leaders and line management will demonstrate their continued commitment to safety

Responsibility & Accountability of All Employees

  • Safety performance will be an important part of our management/employee evaluation system
  • We will recognize and reward flight and ground safety performance
  • Before any work is done, we will make everyone aware of the safety rules and processes as well as their personal responsibility to observe them

Clearly Communicated Expectations of Zero Incidents

  • We will have a formally written safety goal, and we will ensure everyone understands and accepts that goal
  • We will have a communication and motivation system in place to keep our people focused on the safety goal

Auditing & Measuring for Improvement

  • Management will ensure regular safety audits are conducted and that everyone will participate in the process
  • We will focus our audits on the behavior of people as well as on the conditions of the operating area
  • We will establish both leading and trail performance indicators to help us evaluate our level of safety

The Responsibility of All Employees

  • Each one of us will be expected to accept responsibility and accountability for our own behavior
  • Each one of us will have an opportunity to participate in developing safety standards and procedures
  • We will openly communicate information about safety incidents and will share the lessons with others
  • Each of us will be concerned for the safety of others in our organization


  • ALL levels of management will be clearly committed to safety
  • We will have clear employee safety performance metrics, with clear accountability We will have open safety communications
  • We will involve everyone in the decision process
  • We will provide the necessary training to build and maintain meaningful ground and flight safety leadership skills
  • The safety of our employees, customers, and suppliers will be a corporate issue

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Safety Policy Statement

Safety Policy Statement Templates

Your aviation safety policy statement should be readily available for all employees. Many companies put their safety policies and procedures in a manual that sits on a dusty bookshelf. Using SMS Pro™, you can put your safety policy statements and procedures where employees have easy access to them, either from their IPhone, IPad, Laptop or Desktop computer.

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By Chris Howell